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Wellness Practices in Traditional Chinese Medicine According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), wellness is not simply the absence of disease; rather, true wellness is defined as an individual living in harmony with their environment; a person who has even emotions and a calm mind; a person who is mobile and pain free. Additionally, treating disease is not seen as a high art in Chinese medicine; preventing it is. Chinese herbal therapy is an excellent place to start, but making efforts to improve your lifestyle habits will help you work towards and maintain your wellness goals. Use Self-care Acupressure Daily! Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts, the Five Elements Essential Oil Roll-On Set is meant to balance all the elements. They can be applied topically to the corresponding foot or hand reflex points, acupressure points, can enhance the internal organs, merifians and chakras. Set Contians 1 of each 5 element roll on Oils and a Wellness Protocal you can use right away. Includes Shipping

5 Element Aroma AcuTherapy Wellness Kit

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